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ARENA TOUR 2006 Ayupans

Date: 4th October 2006
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Credit: truehappiness at AHS

The release date to the highly anticipated ARENA TOUR 2006 draws nearer and avex has decided to add to the excitement by adding some extra goodies.

"The highest entertainment show which took in illusion is perfectly reproduced as music DVD in the Ohasama power sound of the highest ever quality-of-image & 5.1ch surround by unprecedented whole-volume Hi-Vision inclusion and edit (the total 48 cameras). Extra goodies are prepared for a limited period for a set of these three super-magnificence BOX SET that added the privilege DISC of an inclusion schedule of MC collection, an off-shot image, etc. further at the MYUUMO shop."

Extra information Free Image Hosting at

Extra information & Ayupans

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