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Zespri's boost of sales

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Date: 1st September 2006
Venue: Roppongi, Tokyo
Source: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Credit: tru3happiness

Ayumi Hamasaki's selling power cannot be underestimated. Seems that thanks to her song 'BLUE BIRD' which was used as a theme song for their commercial boosted their sales. Pretty neat no? So on the 1st September Ayu attended an event where they thanked her, by giving her a letter and also a giftbag with Zespri goods. The vice president noted that sales rose with the "strongest tag" of the charisma of the music world and a fashion community.

Ayu was featured wearing her trademark huge sunglasses and her new cute blonde hairstyle, which made her look like a minature Barbie. Seems her right eye was either injured or infected, so she had to wear sunglasses to cover it. She excused herself for wearing them and explained why to the audience.

Basically all the articles have the same information so I only translated two articles.

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Yuki Ebihara, Vice President and Ayu

'Yuki Ebihara (26) along with the singer, Ayumi Hamasaki (27) attended a CM event organised by "Zespri Kiwi" in Roppongi Grand Hyatt, Tokyo on the 1st September. Ayu has sung the CM theme which was broadcasted from May, titled "BLUE BIRD", and my shrimp will appear.

A letter of thanks and a giftbag was presented from Zespri to Ayu for contributing to the increase of sales. Since "kiwi is liked, we're glad." My shrimp was saying, "Since vitamin is abundant, a half cut is improved and he is eating."

NikkanSports Rough Translation

'A letter of thanks was presented to the Ebihara Yuki, the model and Ayumi Hamasaki who sings the commercial song of 'Zespri Gold Kiwi'. "ZESPRI International Japan" is a selling agency in Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi, Tokyo. on the 1st September, it is "the day of Kiwi", where the company was enacted in 2000.

As for CM music, Ebihara appears with Hamasaki's "BLUE BIRD." The letter of thanks and the giftbag for kiwi for one year were presented from Vice-President, noting that sales rose with the "strongest tag" of the charisma of the music world and a fashion community. Hamasaki wears sunglasses in this event. When according to the persons concerned abnormalities are felt in the right eye and diagnosis of a doctor is received at the end of last month. It is said that it was diagnosed as conjunctiva Shimo bleeding. (?) However, it is not convenient to everyday life and Hamasaki said that it is uninfluential on the schedule of work. Hamazaki smiles wryly, saying "Since it was not awesome, I used sunglasses to cover my eye." "When music was made for this CM, I created a type of music which matched the image, to the extent that it was pleasant. Moreover, I wanted to make that song which remains in your heart in the following years." Ebihara, "since my occupation requires me to wake up early in the morning, I started eating kiwi." She found out that, "Vitamin C and E were also contained and an oxygen radical was removed."
(Takahashi )

Chunspo Rough Translation

Screenshots of the event

Zespri Kiwi Commercial

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