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[Rumor] Mysterious Photobook

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Date: 1st September 2006
Venue: Hong Kong
Source: Hong Kong Article
Credit: elvis810 at AHS, tru3happiness, HM at ILA

'Ayu and Tomoya 04's photoshoot

Though Ayu and Tomoya's relationship is on and off, both had some shots for their lovers' photobook in 2004 and now they are being exposed.
Both of them have been together for a very long time, they even have news of getting married. But Ayu suddenly has a new guy, and this causes a change in their relationship, even to the point of a breakup.
According to《 BUBKA 》Ayu and Tomoya had worked together as a couple in the photobook - crossover, Ayu even engaged a famous photographer to take their shots in LA. Both of them showed their couples' tattoos. When they arrived at Japan's airport, their intimate actions were already caught by some reporters, but their photobook's news is being discovered recently only.

The release date of photobook is unknown. According to someone, the making of this book was smooth, and was predicted to sell millions, but some problems popped up hence the book is not released even till now and it might never be with their current relationship. In addition, Tomoya's new dorama was quite successful. The past 9 episodes have an average of 17.7%, the highest even 20% or so, thus making this his latest best works.

Seems the excitement for her upcoming single is already rising in a different manner. Ayumi Hamasaki and Tomoya Nagase were featured in a HK newspaper today. Oddly enough it's not about their breakup.

This article reports about an event which dated back in 2004/5. It mentions how Ayu and Tomoya went to Los Angeles to take a phootshoot for a photobook, about their love life. According to the article they also made a tattoo on their shoulders, which were 'A' and 'T'. Together these tattoos form a heart! However it is interesting to note that no tattoo is visible on Hamasaki in the present. Maybe it was simply a henna?

The photobook was going to be published and expected to sell at least a million copies but it seems this never happened. Maybe it is because in summer 2005, avex had a management crisis, which involved Ayumi and this caused the cancellation of this photobook release.

I'm not sure if it is completely true. However Ayumi did go to Los Angeles to film INSPIRE in 2005 and an article was published with her and Nagase. Yet the avex scandal was in 2004. So the dates do not coincide. However the guy in the photograph doesn't exactly look like Tomoya. So it's quite possible that it was fake. More updates will follow once there will be more news. Feel free to comment on your opinions and thoughts about this rumor.

Newspaper Scans of this article

Older newspaper article of Hamasaki and Nagase in Los Angeles

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